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Keeping Families and Their Homes Comfortable for 30 Years

A One-Stop Insulation Company in Harrow, Ontario

Get unbeatable whole-home improvement solutions under one roof at Zavaros Insulation. From insulation services to waterproofing and concrete lifting, we do it all at affordable prices. We also cater to the windows, doors, and siding installation needs of homeowners in Windsor and surrounding areas, as well as in Essex and Kent Counties.

Give Your Home An Upgrade

A Trusted Home Improvement Contractor for Over 30 Years


Protect your home’s integrity and enhance its comfort and energy performance with smart, cost-effective upgrades by Zavaros Insulation. With our accurate home energy audit, we help you uncover your home’s major problems that may be hard to notice otherwise.

Getting our professional home energy audit can help discover issues such as drafty windows, worn-out attic insulation, pest infestation, mouldy drywall, damaged driveways, or cracks in your basement’s floor or foundation walls. Such issues must be discovered and fixed quickly to keep your family safe and healthy, and your energy bills low. At Zavaros Insulation, we not only help you identify your home’s hidden problems but also provide home improvement services and upgrades to boost your home’s comfort and efficiency levels.

Effective Insulation Installations at Affordable Rates


The insulation is a critical part of a home. It has to fit snugly around areas of different sizes and obstacles to be able to create an impenetrable barrier against the outdoor weather. At Zavaros Insulation, we help homeowners take control of their indoor climate and the home’s efficiency with advanced residential insulation solutions, including spray foam insulation. Our cellulose insulation is fire treated and makes homes safer by providing 55% more fire resistance than fibreglass. Over the past 24 years, we have helped customers insulate their modern homes, newly constructed or remodelled spaces, and vintage or retro homes for very affordable prices.

Why Choose Us


At Zavaros Insulation, we believe that nobody should have to put up with an uncomfortable home and struggle with their monthly energy bills. As your go-to insulation company, we take pride in our work and put our best effort forth to ensure that every customer we help is satisfied.

  • A team of highly skilled technicians and experienced contractors.

  • Over 30 years of experience in the field with a track record of great customer service.

  • A great reputation for serving every client with integrity and professionalism.

  • Comprehensive home improvement solutions delivered at affordable prices.

  • Availability of 24/7 assistance across Windsor and surrounding areas, as well as Essex and Kent Counties.

Inflated Energy Bills?


Trust Zavaros’ talented energy auditors to help you!

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