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Professional Concrete Contractors in Harrow, Ontario

Do you need your concrete surfaces repaired in Windsor and its nearby areas? Or even in Essex and Kent Counties? Zavaros Insulation can make it happen for you for a very affordable price. Our detailed concrete leveling and mudjacking service begins with a no-obligation estimate that we provide to you right at your location. Choose us for a fast and efficient service today!

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Residential Concrete Lifting Solutions near You


Count on Zavaros Insulation to save you from the cost and hassle of tearing off and replacing your old concrete slabs with our precision concrete leveling and mudjacking services. The concrete surfaces on your property can settle or sink over time due to the natural settling and compaction of soil beneath. This sinking or settling can visibly make your concrete surfaces look uneven and can even pose serious safety and liability issues due to the compromised stability of the surface.

However, it is not entirely impossible to keep your property’s concrete in tip-top shape! Mudjacking and concrete leveling are well-known solutions for dealing with such problems. At Zavaros Insulation, our contractors are skilled in complete residential concrete services and can deliver flawless results. Contact us to have our contractors come to your location and provide you with a free service estimate today!

What Surfaces We Can Lift, and How It Is Done


Zavaros Insulation boasts over 30 years of experience in concrete lifting services and has vast experience working on a range of concrete slabs. These include sidewalks, driveways, patios and porches, curbs and stairs, and pool decks. Sunken concrete surfaces are dangerous as they are prone to slips and skids. Our concrete leveling and mudjacking services involve injecting cement and other high-density materials through a two-inch wide hole. As this mixture expands beneath the surface, it expands and stabilizes loose soil, bringing the sunken surface back to the normal level.

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Improve your concrete surfaces with our concrete lifting solutions!

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